My Son and a Stranger's Liver

The worst day in someone’s life, in some family’s life, may have saved my son. This central fact defines so much of the surreal organ donation experience.

On July 15, 2016, somewhere in the greater New York metropolitan area, a 14-year-old died of unspecified head bleeding. We don’t know what happened, the donor’s name, if they were a boy or a girl, what they were like, what they wanted for the future—all we know is that his or her family, in what was presumably the worst moment of their lives, consented to donate their child’s organs.

Status of Donor Evaluation and a Very Special Thank You!

Dear Stanley Supporters,

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Yesterday, I completed my donor evaluation. The doctors saw something in my bloodwork that needs further testing, so a liver biopsy is being set up for Monday and we'll hopefully receive the results by the end of next week. Once they confirm my liver is healthy, we can schedule the transplant, which could take place as soon as the following week, depending on operating room availability. In the meantime, Stanley is on the transplant list, and a good organ could come through any day. If one does, then he will be brought immediately to the hospital for the transplant.

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